os that rather uses the gpu?

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On 14 July 2010 02:20, Jordon Bedwell <jordon at envygeeks.com> wrote:
> On 7/13/2010 8:15 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 13 July 2010 21:46, Jozsi Avadkan <jozsi.avadkan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Does someone know a distribution/operating system, that rather uses the
>>> GPU for "working", not the CPU? [by default]
>>> Or this solution is still in the "beginning part"?
>>> Thanks for any tips, link, suggestions.
>> Not possible. CPUs are *central* processing units for a reason:
>> because they are generalised processors that can do anything. GPUs are
>> *graphics* processing units, modern ones being designed to do 3D
>> modelling in hardware. This means they can do certain types of
>> mathematical operation very fast, but it doesn't mean that they are
>> replacement CPUs or better than CPUs in general.
>> It's like keen darts players: they can subtract down from 501 to zero
>> very quickly, but it doesn't mean they're good at arithmetic: many can
>> only add 3 numbers of 1-20 and 2x and 3x those numbers, 25 and 50,
>> nothing else, and they can't multiply or divide worth a damn. They are
>> practiced at one task.
>> GPUs are not some miracle new device. They're not wonder-processors
>> that are better than "boring old x86" chips. It doesn't work like
>> that. The x86 is a far more versatile, elaborate and clever device,
>> with years of brilliant design going into it; GPUs are one-trick
>> ponies. Great for that one trick, completely useless for anything
>> else.
>> Ignore the hype. Just because certain types of math can now be done on
>> GPUs does not mean GPUs are the future or are going to change
>> computing.
> That's not what Intel and Nvidia said.

I don't really care! :¬) One of the things I do for a living is go
through the bumf that comes out of technology companies, work out the
real deal, and explain it in articles for the Register and so on. In
other words, clearing the BS and exposing the truth.

More generally - of /course/ nVidia is going to say GPUs are the
be-all and end-all: nVidia is a pretty much pure-play GPU
manufacturer. It doesn't make CPUs.

Intel? Intel is rather saying the reverse - that you don't need GPUs
given enough CPUs. This is the message from devices like "Larrabee",
which was a "GPU" consisting of a closely-coupled array of a large
number of x86 CPU cores on a single chip.

Don't believe what big tech companies say. Look at what they /do./

They are chiefly concerned with selling you stuff you don't need, not
giving you better products.

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