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Tue Jul 13 20:34:40 UTC 2010

On 7/13/2010 3:12 PM, Gryllida wrote:
> What does it do?

$: man chmod
chmod -- change file modes or Access Control Lists

Octal	Text	Binary	Description
0  	---  	000  	All types of access are denied
1 	--x 	001 	Execute access is allowed only
2 	-w- 	010 	Write access is allowed only
3 	-wx 	011 	Write and execute access are allowed
4 	r-- 	100 	Read access is allowed only
5 	r-x 	101 	Read and execute access are allowed
6 	rw- 	110 	Read and write access are allowed
7 	rwx 	111 	Everything is allowed

Normally you work with Octal or Text EXP:
$: chmod +rwx /file.txt
$: chmod 777 /file.txt

-R flag is (as usual) recursive so if you are wanting to make all files
executable in a folder you would normally pass the recursive command.
Never at the end and always before the file name. EXP:

$: chmod -R +x /path/to/folder

If I remember right, you can also just skip the -R (unless you want to
go deeper) and just do a * which will tap all the files in that level of
the folder, EXP:

$: chmod +x /path/to/folder/*


Jordon Bedwell

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