sshfs vs nfs

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Tue Jul 13 11:29:39 UTC 2010

13.07.2010 13:06, Michael Comperchio:

> I have two machines, Lancelot, a tower that I sit at and work, and
> Gawain, a laptop that comes with me when I leave the 'office'. Both
> running 10.4 quite well. I simply want the Lancelot to be able to see my
> home directory on Gawain, and the other way around, when I am home.
> At this point I simply 'sshfs' mount the directories... is this an 'ok'
> way to do this, or should I putz around with nfs?

If sshfs does what you want, I don't see much point in installing,
configuring and managing additional stuff like NFS. Especially, since
you already have sshd running on both machines.
Whether sshfs is really necessary or rather the capabilities of modern
desktop environments to access resources via SFTP[1] are easier to
handle depends on your requirements/preferences.

[1] For example, type sftp://<machine name> in nautilus' URL bar.


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