file permissions

Anggi Lesmana alesmana2010 at
Tue Jul 13 09:22:05 UTC 2010

Please try this method, type on your terminal :

$ sudo chmod 777 -R /your/sambasharefolder

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 17:41 +0930, Gryllida wrote:
> Hello. I store some files on a windows XP machine. The windows user
> shared them with permission everyone full control.
>  I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, and while being able to edit them all-right,
> when I make new files, they have only me on the permissions list.
> resulting in the windows user unable to open them...
>  The files themselves are stored on the other machine, not on this one
> , I get to it by smb://ip/.
> What can I configure to fix it?
> Possibly to make the files I create inherit the permissions of the
> directory I'm making them in?

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