Windows Rant

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at
Tue Jul 13 01:06:22 UTC 2010

On 07/12/2010 08:10 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> I might well be wrong, but I don't think there was hardrives in the mid
>> >>1970's. If there were I must have been  dumb as a stump as we used tape
>> >>drives.  A good friend of mine was using a wire recorder to save to and
>> >>they were popular in the early 1950's .   My first Windows computer was
>> >>a lap top with Windows 3.1  and that was used and  was about 1989 and I
>> >>think the 3.5 floppies were pretty new even that late.
>> >>                                               Doug
> >
> >  That would be a "LugAble" but I doubt that a (used) 1989 version would be able
> >  to run an OS that was not released for another 2 years, and I doubt it would
> >  have been much fun with a mono display Black/Orange, Black/Green or the then
> >  "new" Black/White
I bought that laptop in 1989 or maybe 1990 but it was several years old 
it had a black and white displays I wrote a book on it and have a stack 
of about 40,  3.5 floppy disks in my desk.
     What's a lugable.  I don't remember ever hearing that 
term.                    Doug

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