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Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at
Mon Jul 12 21:37:36 UTC 2010

On 13-07-10 23:19, chris wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 21:10 +0100, Angus MacGyver wrote:
>> On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 14:53 +0200, Amedee Van Gasse (ub) wrote:
>>> On Sun, July 11, 2010 23:44, Angus MacGyver wrote:
>>>> Good grief - have you no heart ?
>>>> Are people *REALLY* that greedy these days ?
>>>> Have we lost compassion for one another, the joy of gifting and most
>>>> importantly love ?
>>>> I'm appalled and disappointed.
>>> Read my mail again. Read it very carefully.
>> Assumption #1 - that I didn't...
>> Fact #1 I did - many times with abject horror and disbelief.
>>> I can't help it if it causes cognitive dissonance in your mind, but it has
>>> *NOTHING* to do with greed.
>> Unwillingness to give your own time for your *OWN* family without
>> charging - that is selfishness, and yes, greed, if not for money, but
>> for "your" time.
>> Quoting your original email...
>> "Why do you support your relatives for free?"
>> "who would otherwise have made a small profit"
>> On the point you raised with Doug - I am also married with children, but
>> will still gladly give my time to sort family's "PC" problems, I just do
>> it when my kids are in bed so they don't lose out.
>>> Obviously you don't work in IT.
>> Sorry, but you really have no idea.
>> That was Assumption #2
>> Fact #2
>> I *HATE* Windows with a passion, so much so, my own Desktop Services
>> department aren't surprised that when my company laptop supplied with
>> Windows goes back to them to have the next "mandatory fix" installed,
>> *THEY* were the last people to turn it on and login, somewhere about 3
>> months ago.
>> It's a standing joke with them that I don't use it, so why do I need it.
>> (it's something known as on-call)
>> I have a Sun workstation under my desk running something sensible to do
>> my job - really need a Windows app? - it's called Citrix/RDP.
>> Even though I despise Windows for a great many reasons, quite some time
>> ago it used to make me a living, and I know what I'm doing, so I will
>> happily work on Windows for my family.
>>> Obviously you never heard questions like these:
>>> * Hey Mark, I don't have a modem and can't connect to the Internet, can
>>> you fix this?"
>>> * "I removed some of the pins from my monitor cable because it didn't seem
>>> to fit right, now it's not working at all...can you fix my computer?"
>>> * Hey Sally, Can you fix my Internet, everytime I visit a website it says
>>> my host is unknown"
>> I've probably heard them all - and more, my mother is by far the best
>> example (in the technology arena) of the developer's mantra of "....the
>> universe will make better idiots"
>> It might help if she actually read her notes she makes on "Post-It"'s
>> mind, but that is just one frustrating, but nonetheless, endearing part
>> of what make my mother who she is.
>> Y'know something though ?
>> It's been massively better since she upgraded WinXP to first Redhat 9.0,
>> then Sun Java Desktop, OpenSuse XX, and finally Ubuntu since 6.10 (or
>> 6.04, I forget now)
>> Hell, I even talked her through a remote / fsck when her lappy failed to
>> boot at a conference - all gratis of course..
>> Respect ?
>> Ohhhhhh yeaaaah.... and then some.
>>> So why am I on this mailing list, for free? Because here I can choose. I
>>> only answer the questions that I find interesting. I am truly fascinated
>>> by interesting problems, and the joy of learning that goes with it. I
>>> really want to share that joy.
>> Which is great, but is separate from the content about free family
>> support.
>>>   But only on my terms. I will respect you if
>>> you respect me, and vice versa. There is nothing wrong with that, on the
>>> contrary: this world needs more respect.
>> Yeah, the world does, and a lot more besides.
>> But unfortunately with your assumptions about what I do/don't do, and
>> belittling attitude because of it, and your attitude towards your
>> family, IMHO, you've fallen a little short in my eyes I'm afraid.
>>> The Thinkgeek tshirt is tongue-in-cheek, but if you want to read a serious
>>> blog post that I agree with, then I recommend this one:
>> Agree with very large chunks of the article...
>> BUT...
>> The fine article describes how in a corporate environment, some random
>> joe/jane asks their *CORPORATE* "IT guy" to work on their personal
>> machine...
>> ...and that has precisely *WHAT* to do with family as per your post ?
>> (and yes, this post has a lot to do with Linux, one for the plus points
>> it has given my mother, and two about the giving nature of the people in
>> FOSS that actually make it happen)
> Hi Angus,
> really this is a political discussion. My personal point of view - you
> cannot argue with the greedy so why bother.
> God help us if we cannot help out friends and family
> cheers the kiwi
Please don't turn this in a religious discussion. Your concept of an 
omnipotent deity is insulting to me, but I will try not to ridiculize 
you because of it.

Anyway, if it's about family: I have a problem with the English 
language. In Dutch we have two words:
"gezin" = the small family group that you live with in the same house
"familie" = the group of all your relatives

In English they both translate to 'family'. It seems that the English 
language lacks a word for the concept that I was trying to express. Or 
perhaps I simply don't know that word. Google Translate doesn't know it 
either. A word that comes close is 'household', but translated back to 
Dutch "huishouden" it's not exactly the same concept.

I think that this is the most important cause of the current confusion. 
What I intended to say was, quality time with my wife (=my family, 
"gezin" in Dutch) is more important than fixing the computer of the 
husband of my sister (= also family).

I hope this explains it a bit.

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