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On 12 July 2010 at 5:15, Smoot Carl-Mitchell 
Enlightened me with this:-Re: Windows Rant

>On Sun, 2010-07-11 at 22:32 +0100, Grizzly wrote:
>> You made an error there a 1960 PC (if you can call it that) would not have had 
>> memory (and certainly not 16M) even by 1981 an IBM only had 64k and 8" floppys 
>> (and cost circa  $20,000) in 1960 it would have been relays and NO FLOPPYS
>Not quit $20K.  Retail price was around $3K.

Which goes to show "always RE-Read the data" Sorry

I misread from :-

The 5100 was just one of several personal computers IBM made before the PC.
It was followed by the 5110, the 5120, the Datamaster, and then finally the 5150 PC.

Make 	Model 		Introduced 	Price 	Technology 	Form
IBM 	5100 		September 1975 	$9000-$20,000 	LSI 	portable all-in-one
IBM 	5110 		1978 		? 	LSI? 	portable all-in-one
IBM 	5120 		1980 		? 	LSI? 	all-in-one with build-in 8" floppies
IBM 	Datamaster 	1981 		? 	LSI/8085 	all-in-one with build-in 8" floppies

ofcause in the 6 years (between 5100 & DataMaster) prices dropped markedly and 
floppies became availible

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