Custom Live CD

Mark Widdicombe mwiddicombe at
Mon Jul 12 06:21:58 UTC 2010

>> On 07/09/2010 03:52 PM, Mark Widdicombe wrote: Thank you for your
>> response.  I have seen that site, but it doesn't give information
>> on cloning an existing installation, but rather on starting from
>> scratch (first, download an ISO).  Ideally, I would like my live CD
>> to be an exact clone of my home PC (data excluded).  I suppose if I
>> have to start over and do everything according to those
>> instructions, then so be it, but I was hoping there would be an
>> easier way.
Thanks to all who responded to my query.  Remastersys turned out to be the cat's whiskers--it
did exactly what I wanted without fanfare or uproar of any sort.  Fabulous.  I went with
the DVD rather than the stick because I don't have a spare stick lying around, but
I'm quite sure that that would have worked too.


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