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> > the PTA, I
> > believe, would have gotten a bigger bang for the buck with school
> > supplies (but of course, a computer is *so much SEXIER* than a white
> > board -- much less paper and pencils).
> Still, had the PTA not been 'innovators' we would be using those
> pencils and papers through ground post to communicate even today.
> YAY! for the first-adopters everywhere.
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Cybe R. Wizard--

I disagree (very respectfully, however) with your sentiment.  *IF* there had
been enough computers to form enough "labs" in the school so that we
students would have enough time to learn how to *actually use* them -- they
would have been really useful as word processors -- then I would agree with
you; but we saw the computer for perhaps 1-2 days every couple of weeks.  We
were literally *playing games ON IT* for christ's* *sake!  There was *
nothing else* that we could do with them.  *Literally NOTHING.*  There
wasn't any educating going on with them because:

   1. There weren't enough of them; and
   2. The teachers hadn't been trained on them.

A word processing lab would have been great, mind you; but we didn't have
one; and the same thing applied to typewriters as well -- there was one for
the *entire SCHOOL* to practice on (and it goes without saying that it was
unavailable for school work).  Believe you me -- a word processing lab that
could accommodate the entire school would have been *greatly* *appreciated*.

Personally, I think that *just about ANYTHING* (e.g., white boards with
colored dry markers) would have produced a much bigger bang for the buck.

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