Server Questions

chris chevhq at
Mon Jul 12 03:10:13 UTC 2010

> So how much of his stuff is based on real life experience? :-D

A lot of it, though exaggerated to the max.
I know he did do some stuff, but always restored it back from backup.

The main problem was "lusers".  Many of whom were staff!!

I still remember one person who managed to crush about 5 5.25 " floppies
into a drive to format them all at once, and another who thought the 8"
cpm floppies we used in the panasonic, were coffee cup mats to put your
drink on to help keep the desktop clean.

Ah me.......................
> When will the PFY introduce Ubuntu...on the server? (Hint, hint)
Who know's.  We are all old men by now

Cheers the kiwi

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