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On 7/11/2010 7:54 PM, Rei Shinozuka wrote:
> Amhahl UTS ran on 370 systems.  I used it as a graduate student at
> Columbia in 1983 or thereabouts, they were running it on an IBM 4341 as
> a guest OS under VM.  Columbia had been a big TOPS-20 shop until the
> early 80s when the CS department took delivery of 4 or 5 VAX 750s
> running BSD.  Welcome to the 80s!
> About UTS:
>      UTS: Amdahl Unix
> In the 1970's, AT&T Labs had ported a version of Unix to run on S/370
> (using some parts of TSS) but it had never been released outside the
> labs. In the late 1970's, a graduate student had ported Unix to run on
> VM/370. He had expressed an interest in continuing the work at IBM, but
> because of political arguments between different IBM divisions, he never
> got an offer, and went to Amdahl instead. In May 1981, Amdahl released
> UTS, a full Unix system that ran under VM.
> -rei

TSS was available for the 360 but as many have stated before it was a
pile of crap so it was replaced, UTS was available for the 360 and 370
along with DOS/360. If he had a very high-end machine he would have had
OS/360 though. UNIX back then was generally for the "lower-end" boys and
girls. Xenix was also ported over to S/370. There are 2 UNIX operating
systems alone on the S/370.
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