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> On 11/07/10 21:57, Karl Larsen wrote:
>>     Heck Yes! In my storage is a computer I bought around 1960. It
>> arrived and had 2 3.5 inch floppies and it had 16 Meg of RAM.
> ...
>>     I decided to upgrade this computer and ordered a Hard Drive  
>> with a
>> very fast access compared to a floppy :-)
>>     It arrived in a wooden Crate and the Hard Drive was suspended by
>> springs in the center and cost like $250.00. It had a full 40 MB of
>> space :-)
>>     I had this on the for-runner of the Internet which was just a bbs
>> that sent data to a hill mounted repeater to another bbs. Great fun
>> since we had no idea how nice the Internet would be.
> There is no way you could have had 3.5" floppies and 40 MB HDD in the
> sixties. HDD's had less than 10 MB then and were as large as a washing
> machine. The cost was so great you couldn't afford it if you were  
> not an
> university or a large corporation. If floppies even existed then (I
> guess not), they were 8" and had several *hundred* bytes then.
> First computers that even resemble that you described appeared in  
> mid to
> late seventies, but I'm quite certain that configuration you describe
> (computer, monitor, 2 floppies and HDD option) would be IBM PC, which
> wasn't available before about 1982. HDD of 40 MB size wouldn't be
> available before mid-eighties, before that you might have 10-20 MB  
> tops.
> BBS-es also didn't exist before like late seventies and their real
> heyday was in the eighties.

Wow, I recall BBSes were hot in the mid to late 80s.  That's when  
Tetris went viral and usenet stared out - not to mention the  
beginnings of the Internet ( arpanet, milnet, bitnet, etc).  Don't  
forget BBSes made email a household phenomenon for the first time  
using ROT13, uuencode and the like!

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> Considering all that, I'd say the real year in question would be more
> likely to be somewhwere beween 1983 and 1985.
> Kind regards,
> A.Kromic
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