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> > Please don't tell me it was for Lotus 1-2-3 or Wordperfect.
> Believe it or not, we did do a lot with BASIC, Lotus, WordStar and
> DBase in those days....  Well, before we had PCs, we had GIMIX (like  
> an
> early Linux that ran UNIX apps on a mini computer) and dumb
> terminals....
> I remember getting Windows 2.0 on multiple floppy disks (the real
> floppy 5.25" disks with cardboard covers) for free at PC Expo in
> Manhattan in 1989?
> Anyone remember PCs before Windows and the Web??
> Anyone remember SneakerNet and PCs without hard drives or graphics???
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> A. Jorge Garcia
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> A.J.G.--
> I remember in the early-to-mid-80s the PTA for my elementary school  
> decided that the school needed to get with the times, and so they  
> bought at least one computer a year for the school; the first one --  
> if I recall correctly -- was a Commodore 64 and the next year it was  
> a PET (With a tape drive!  It would take forever to load the game  
> "Oregon Trail".).  The teachers, as far as I know, were never  
> trained on their uses; and why would they have been?  There were  
> only so many computers to go around the whole school; the PTA, I  
> believe, would have gotten a bigger bang for the buck with school  
> supplies (but of course, a computer is so much SEXIER than a white  
> board -- much less paper and pencils).
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OMG I almost forgot about the Commodore 64 and 128 as well as the  
Commodore Pet and SuperPet!  I remember teaching Pascal on one of  
those the first year I taught AP Computer Science in 1984?  Soon after  
we started seeing the first Apple, Apple II, Apple IIe and Mac.  I  
guess that's what's called a Mac Classic now-a-days!

A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math & CS
Baldwin SHS & Nassau CC
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