Windows Rant

A. Kromic akromic at
Sun Jul 11 22:34:08 UTC 2010

On 11/07/10 23:32, Calcpage wrote:
> I remember our first hdd was 10 MB!  Our first upgrade was to 640 KB
> of RAM.  At the time, I think it was Steve Jobs who said, "640 KB!
>  Who would ever need so much?"
I believe it was Bill Gates. He is famous for similar gems of wisdom
like: "I don't know why would anybody ever need more than 4 MB (or was
it 8 MB?) of RAM" and (don't remember the exact quote, something like:)
"Internet is just a fad which won't last long". I guess that's why M$
has let Netscape become that strong until they finally decided they
really need to develop a browser...

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