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     I have found the floppies and they are 5 and 1/4 inch paper encased 
which were invented in 1976 so my computer had to in the late 1970's. I 
am 10 years off on age. DOS was also invented about this same time.

The first microcomputers <> 
did not have the capacity or need for the elaborate operating systems 
that had been developed for mainframes and minis; minimalistic operating 
systems were developed, often loaded from ROM 
<> and known as /Monitors/. 
One notable early disk-based operating system was CP/M 
<>, which was supported on many early 
microcomputers and was closely imitated in MS-DOS 
<>, which became wildly popular as 
the operating system chosen for the IBM PC 
<> (IBM's version of it was called 
IBM DOS or PC DOS <>), its successors 
making Microsoft <>. In the 80's 
Apple Computer Inc. (now Apple Inc. 
<>) abandoned its popular Apple 
II <> series of microcomputers to 
introduce the Apple Macintosh 
<> computer with an 
innovative Graphical User Interface 
<> (GUI) to the Mac 
OS <>.

The introduction of the Intel 80386 
<> CPU 
<> chip with 32-bit 
<> architecture and paging 
<> capabilities, provided personal 
computers with the ability to run multitasking 
<> operating systems 
like those of earlier minicomputers 
<> and mainframes 
<>. Microsoft responded to this 
progress by hiring Dave Cutler 
<>, who had developed the VMS 
<> operating system for Digital 
Equipment Corporation 
<>. He would 
lead the development of the Windows NT 
<> operating system, which 
continues to serve as the basis for Microsoft's operating systems line. 
Steve Jobs <>, a co-founder of 
Apple Inc. <>, started NeXT 
<> Computer Inc., which developed the

     So it is sure the computer was closer to 1980 than 1960. In fact I 
had a work computer in 1960 that had paper tape storage of everything :-)

73 Karl


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