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A. Kromic akromic at
Sun Jul 11 22:01:28 UTC 2010

On 11/07/10 21:57, Karl Larsen wrote:
>      Heck Yes! In my storage is a computer I bought around 1960. It 
> arrived and had 2 3.5 inch floppies and it had 16 Meg of RAM. 
>      I decided to upgrade this computer and ordered a Hard Drive with a 
> very fast access compared to a floppy :-)
>      It arrived in a wooden Crate and the Hard Drive was suspended by 
> springs in the center and cost like $250.00. It had a full 40 MB of 
> space :-)
>      I had this on the for-runner of the Internet which was just a bbs 
> that sent data to a hill mounted repeater to another bbs. Great fun 
> since we had no idea how nice the Internet would be.

There is no way you could have had 3.5" floppies and 40 MB HDD in the
sixties. HDD's had less than 10 MB then and were as large as a washing
machine. The cost was so great you couldn't afford it if you were not an
university or a large corporation. If floppies even existed then (I
guess not), they were 8" and had several *hundred* bytes then.

First computers that even resemble that you described appeared in mid to
late seventies, but I'm quite certain that configuration you describe
(computer, monitor, 2 floppies and HDD option) would be IBM PC, which
wasn't available before about 1982. HDD of 40 MB size wouldn't be
available before mid-eighties, before that you might have 10-20 MB tops.

BBS-es also didn't exist before like late seventies and their real
heyday was in the eighties.

Considering all that, I'd say the real year in question would be more
likely to be somewhwere beween 1983 and 1985.

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