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>          OK. So to do updates and other things on a server you use
> ssh to a Real Computer with a keyboard and a Desktop. That makes it
> simple. But of course somewhere you do need a Real Computer to work
> from.

Well, you SSH into the server *from* another computer, yes. If you are
deploying servers, it is because you need some machines to be
continuously available, performing some sort of back-office work for
other users (i.e., computers). In terms of professional deployment, the
servers should have the bare minimum required for this work. A
graphical environment is *not* part of this bare minimum (as, most of
the times, compilers -- and other packages -- are also out). Also, most
of the times, servers are physically distant from the administrators;
it is common to see locked-up, lights-out rooms where the servers are

Having said that, nothing prohibits one from grabbing an available
desktop -- a machine with X on it -- and using it as a server in a home
deployment. But, for a commercial environment, this would usually be
forbidden (while I did security reviews/audits, a server with X
installed would be flagged at least as a concern, at worst as a

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