no AppleTalk?

Pete Gontier pete at
Sun Jul 11 19:06:48 UTC 2010

I've installed netatalk onto Lucid Lynx.

It works over IP, or at least it works well enough that I can mount my
Ubuntu home directory as a volume on a Mac via ASIP (AFP). This isn't what I
installed netatalk for, but this tells me the package has installed
properly, or anyway nearly so.

However, any time I try to work with AppleTalk (say "getzones -m"), I get:

atp_open: Cannot assign requested address

Given that I didn't specify an address, I can only assume getzones used some
generic address or this error message indicates something else.

And when I look in the system log, I see afpd make the same complaint as it
starts, just before it talks about bringing up IP services.

What I'm really trying to do is set up an AppleTalk printer. I get the same
error message from the pap command.

I know AppleTalk requires kernel support which may or may not be compiled
in, so one theory is that it's not there on Ubuntu. I've found a web
suggests Ubuntu does have AppleTalk support, but I'm not sure how to
prove or disprove it.

Any ideas?

Pete Gontier <>
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