Windows Rant

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at
Sun Jul 11 14:34:37 UTC 2010

On 11-07-10 05:15, NoOp wrote:
> <rant>
> I stopped supporting Windows for my clients six months ago but still
> maintain Win for my relatives et al. Performing what would be simple
> changes in Ubuntu on WinXP brought home why I stopped supporting paying
> clients.

Why do you support your relatives for free?

My niece is with the police but she doesn't let me park on the wrong 
places for free. I have a nephew who is an engineer at a petrochemical 
company but he doesn't give me fuel for free. My sister is a nurse at a 
psychiatric clinic but she doesn't get me free drugs. So I'll ask again, 
why would my IT services be free?

If you don't ask money for your services, however low it may be, then at 
least ask for a service in return. For example if they are a plummer or 
a construction worker. Because if you don't ask anything in return, they 
will value your services as worthless. Which makes you worthless. 
Something that you don't want, I guess.
On the other hand if you ask something in return then your relatives 
will respect you.

Anyway if you help your relatives for free then you are also poisoning 
the market for other IT services who would otherwise have made a small 
profit if you weren't available.

My two cents.

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