Create a Bootable Backup

Tim Henderson bizdev at
Fri Jul 9 19:18:40 UTC 2010

> Hello,
>    I was wondering if it was possible to create a bootable backup of my
> ubuntu machine without having to boot into any special mode.  I want to
> be able to make a bootable backup of my system every night.  Is this
> possible?
> Thanks,

I use rsync to backup my system to a "mirror" drive.  The drive is 
updates every night.  If at any time my main drive fails I can boot into 
the mirror.

To create it I first installed the same version of Ubuntu on the mirror 

I then booted into my normal installation, mounting the mirror.

I created a cron script to rsync all of my files from the main drive to 
the mirror.  You will want to ignore certain dir's.  I believe those 
dirs are included here:

The main idea here is to first install a fresh ubuntu on the new drive, 
then syncing your current drive with the new fresh install.

Tim H.

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