My next Workstation

Colin Law clanlaw at
Fri Jul 9 15:46:41 UTC 2010

On 8 July 2010 18:11, Billie Walsh <bilwalsh at> wrote:
> Something else. Never skimp on memory. Use as much as possible or until your
> dipping into the kids college fund, whichever comes first. Best investment
> in computer performance.

Is that true? I thought that provided you had 'enough' memory then
additional memory will make little difference.  So if you need loads
of apps open at once or have dozens of firefox tabs open then you need
lots of memory but if you only have a few things running the extra
gigs will not do much for you.  It may be better to put the fastest
RAM the h/w will support and have less of it, rather than more of
slower ram for the same cost.  Or less ram and a faster disk or
graphics card for example.


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