Best File System for Media Repository

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Jul 8 20:08:17 UTC 2010

On 07/08/2010 08:10 AM, Amichai Rotman wrote:
> Hey there!
> I just bought a 1TB IOmega external USB 2.0 Hard Disk. It came formated as
> I want to use it for all my music and video file (all of which I riped from
> my own original CDs and DVDs, of course!)
> I was wondering what's the best Partition and File System types for the job?
> I have partitioned the whole drive as Linux (0x82) and formated it as EXT4 -
> checking the properties I got: 46.8 GB used and 870.1 GB free - and that's
> without any files on it!
> I remember something like 4 GB uses an 960 free before changing the
> partition from NTFS....
> can it be? Should I just put it back to NTFS?!

If you expect to use the drive for a Windows machine as well, then I'd
leave as NTFS, or ext3. Reason being is that there are programs for
accessing (R/W) ext3 from Windows, but none that I know of that work
with ext4.

Also, be aware of:
[Performance regressions with ext4 under certain workloads]

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