Tim Henderson bizdev at pwnspeak.com
Thu Jul 8 19:12:02 UTC 2010

> We have a mail server running postfix/dovecot on ubuntu 9.10 using
> ext3 as the underlying filesystem and filesystem quotas turned on.  We
> have run into a couple instances of people complaining about being
> overquota when they are not and du -s does not seem to match what
> quota -v is saying.  This last instance quota -v was about 49500 and
> du -s on the user's home directory was about 40000, they had about 700
> files total so I can't see inode count causing a problem.  I searched
> the rest of the filesystem just to make sure that user did not own any
> other files and they did not.  A quotacheck on the filesystem repaired
> the issue, quota -v was then showing the same as du -s.  Any ideas why
> this might be the case and what I might do to fix this?

With very little research done on my end, I would assume a simple 
cronjob running quotacheck, maybe once an hour, should suffice.

Not sure why they don't match.  Perhaps quotacheck ran earlier in the 
day when the quota was higher and only updates once a day...? Not sure, 
as I am a novice with quota's.

Tim H.

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