Internet Connection Sharing on Lucid (10.04)

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> > > Anybody tried network connection sharing (Share to Other Computers)
> > > for Eth0 when using a wireless connection using Network Manager?  This
> > > is fresh install of Lucid where I have installed (activated) the
> > > Broadcom STA drivers and the wireless works great.  When I enable
> > > "Share to Other Computers" the Eth0 port bounces between connected and
> > > disconnected while connected to the other computer with a crossover
> > > cable. One thing I observed is that the Network Manager sets up the
> > > wireless connection as eth1 rather than wlan0. I have another system
> > > where I used Network Manager to "share to other computers", (not
> > > Debian based) and the wireless is set as Wlan0 and the shared Ethernet
> > > wired connection is at 10.x.x.x when I look at it with ifconfig.

> > "If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see
> > - You may also use !firestarter:
 > > "> > hope it helps.

> I was basically trying to use the Network Manager GUI as described in the first section of the
> document. It doesn't work for me.  I have performed the same steps on another
> system, non-Ubunut/Debia, and it worked flawlessly. Really don't want to go through all the CLI
> stuff to make this work when it is suppose to be a simple "Share to Other Computers" setting for 
> Auto eth0.

> I am going to try this on another computer later on this evening (in a few hours) to see if the
> problem is unique to this system or consistent with Lucid 10.04.

This is still a work in progress and I need some help. Is this a problem with Lucid?  I checked
the wired ethernet port last night because I thought it might be having problems but it is good
and this is a dualboot system, everything works in WindowsXP.  I have tried ICS (network sharing)
in WindowsXP and it doesn't work very well.  ICS on Linux is very stable and fast, when it works. 



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