8.04 -> 10.04 /dev/md0 not created in intiramfs

Robert Steinmetz rob at steinmetznet.com
Thu Jul 8 06:33:49 UTC 2010

I'm aware of that. Does this configuration  mean that mdadm is running 
before lvm and if so how do I correct it?

On 7/8/2010 12:01 AM, Christopher Chan wrote:
>> In /lib/udev/rules I found;
>>      85_mdadm.rules
>>      85_lmv2.rules
>> If I were guessing (and I am) I would expect 85_lvm2 to be run before
>> 85_mdadm, which is the wrong order. I also found 56_lvm.rules which
>> doesn't seem to do anything.
> mdadm should run before lvm. lvm can run on md devices and so lvm can
> have a dependency on mdadm

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