Big autofs trouble

Alex Schuster wonko at
Wed Jul 7 10:35:43 UTC 2010

Me again.

It is working now, but I don't know why. I restarted nis and autofs, and 
again things started getting weird, SSH login became impossible, ls hung. 
I rebooted again, and forced a fsck at boot, and all of a sudden all is 
working as it should.

Is this just luck? Was the fsck necessary? I already had this problem some 
months ago, on the same machine, right after Ubuntu had been installed. 
And suddenly the problem just went away. These machines stay up all the 
time, so there were not many reboots until now, and as long as there is no 
reboot, they run stable.

I sure would like to know what this is, but at least the system is working 
again. Next time it happens, I will keep just rebooting it until it is 
working again...


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