screensaver freezes system totally

pete peter.smout at
Wed Jul 7 08:17:02 UTC 2010

On 05/07/10 23:39, pete wrote:
> On 05/07/10 16:55, Sean McGowan wrote:
>> On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 12:25 +0100, pete wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Having talked a friend into trying ubumtu 10.4 lucid (he's running the
>>> 64 bit version), He is encountering a problem that I have never come
>>> across before.
>>> Namely when the screen-saver has been running for about 20mins it
>>> freezes completely, and becomes totally unresponsive, only thing left is
>>> a hard reset!
>>> His system spec are
>>> AMD athlon dual core processor:
>>> Nvidia graphics (dunno which 1) using Nvidia current driver
>>> 4gb ram
>> I run a similar configuration, with only 3gb RAM and have not
>> experienced these issues.
>>> where would I find the relevant logs to try and start de-bugging this
>>> annoyance.
>> relaunch the daemon (gnome-screensaver) with the --debug option.  It will log in the /tmp directory.
>> First, however, I would look at the power management settings.
>> Systems->Preferences-Power Management, or you can get there from
>> Systems->Preferences-screensaver if you already have it open.
>> Is your computer set to hibernate?  Or monitor set to go to sleep?  Turn
>> these options off and see if you run in to the same issue.
>> Good luck,
> Hi,
> Thanks for the suggestions, no issues without screensaver turned on all
> power management set to never!
> If I start the daemon with the --debug option and it saves to a /temp
> dir will it delete it if we need to hard reset the machine?
> Have noticed that lasts longer without freezing if using 2d not 3d
> screensavers (still freezes but takes 1hr or more!), wondering if th x
> server is on the fritz! will check log tomorrow and post back if i find
> anything!
> if anyone has had similar issues please let me know as I don't know
> wether to post a bug....or what the bug is in!
> Regards
> Pete

Just an update, we completely re-installed 10.4 on his system last 
night, and all appears well! At present he is NOT using compiz, or the 
3d screensavers, going to introduce them slowly of the next couple of 
days to try and pin down what is causing the issue.

For info so far we can rule out the Nvidia current driver as this is 
installed and active, and the problem does not seem to be there.

Thanks for all your suggestions and i will keep this list up to date if 
the problem resurfaces.



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