USB Not Automounting in 10.04 <Solved - Sort of>

Barry Premeaux bpremeaux at
Wed Jul 7 01:33:16 UTC 2010

> This machine has been upgraded from Dapper through Lucid. Checked on
> another test machine w/clean 10.04 install & that works as well. I
> wonder if it might be a permissions issue; on both this user has
> everything possible clicked under 'User Privileges'.

Everything is checked under User Privileges with the exception of
Mount user-space filesystems (FUSE).  And the only thing I had in
/etc/modules was lp.  After adding usb-storage and subhid, I am up and
running again.  I can only speculate why it worked when booting back
to the -21 kernel and would not work when trying the -22 and -23
kernels.  The prior configuration in modules would have been the same
for all three kernels.  HAL vs udev is the only thing I can think of.


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