skype ppa post upgrade

Thufir hawat.thufir at
Tue Jul 6 11:30:57 UTC 2010

I'm starting to understand what a ppa is.  For skype, do I want to 
uncomment this line so that, if and when the binary is updated, that apt-
get will grab the new version?

When upgrading from 9.x to 10.04 this ppa was apparently commented out:

thufir at ARRAKIS:~$ nl /etc/apt/sources.list | grep skype
    48	# deb stable non-
free #Skype disabled on upgrade to lucid
thufir at ARRAKIS:~$ 
thufir at ARRAKIS:~$ skype --version
Copyright (c) 2004-2009, Skype Limited
thufir at ARRAKIS:~$ 



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