USB not automounting in 10.04

Barry Premeaux bpremeaux at
Tue Jul 6 08:14:42 UTC 2010

> Interesting.
> Firstly, are we talking about a 32-bit or a 64-bit systems - and on
> which device: the laptop or the desktop?

It is an old Asus 64 bit laptop with only 1GB of RAM.  I have been
running the 32 bit versions on it, primarily because of the earlier
issues with browser plug-ins for 64 bit.  Those have been resolved,
but since I only had 1 GB of RAM, I didn't see any real need to

My desktop machine is a faster 64 bit machine with 4GB of RAM.  I
tried making the transition to 64 bit, but had some issues with a java
based personal finance application that didn't want to run.  So, I
went back to the 32 bit version on it as well.  Currently, it is still
running 9.10, and has been doing quite well with it.

> Thirdly, have you looked here (which is always the first place to go
> looking): ? Most questions are answered here.

Just looked at the site.  Did a search for this issue under bug
listings, but didn't come up with anything.  Will need to spend some
time with various phrasing in the search.

> (Lastly, do you have Permission to access this device in
> 10.04?....grabbing at straws...)

Under the .21 kernel, I have no problems accessing the device.  Under
.22 and .23, the device shows up in the USB listings, but never pops
up with the automount.  I don't know how to sudo the mount of the
device from the command line to see if it is a permission issue.

I suppose I could mount it in .21 and write down the path information.
 Then I could reboot and try sudo mount (path) to see if it works.

But, it is after 1 am, and I am headed to bed.  I may give it a shot
later today to see if it works.


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