Leaving Ubuntu back to Windows

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 4 13:34:07 UTC 2010

On 04/07/10 23:22, Hakan Koseoglu wrote:
> On 4 July 2010 00:34, rbv<rajaramanbv at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> but starting with word, in capital letters, as heading, SNIP, is offending.
>> especially when i refer to the free dictionary , under informal meaning
>> One that is small or slight in size or stature. A person regarded as
>> impertinent or mischievous.
>> it hurts. I have in my first message itself given a clear idea, my wording
>> may not be technical and may sound childish to experts in this forum and
>> eager to provide any information required to help me.
> I can't believe I am writing in favour of Karl Larsen but I think this
> amounts to trolling.
> Snip, in Karl's mail refers to the first couple of usage of the term:
> v. snipped, snip·ping, snips
> v.tr.
> To cut, clip, or separate (something) with short, quick strokes.
> v.intr.
> To cut or clip with short, quick strokes.
> I don't think Karl is capable of using the second (informal) usage. I
> have never heard that one myself in use before.
> It's obvious that Karl has truncated your mail and put the word snip
> in place to signify that.
> Now I've done defending Karl and feel dirty.

Now, this is something which I find MOST offensive!

If you have to make such a comment then do not make ANY comments of any 
description - just simply SHUT UP! or simply go out and play in the traffic.


Karl, on behalf of all intelligent and caring people on this list, I 
apologise for this cretin's words.

I hope that you will accept this apology.


Fact is that which enough people believe. Truth is determined by how fervently they believe it.

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