Leaving Ubuntu back to Windows

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 4 01:06:39 UTC 2010

On 07/03/2010 05:52 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
> On 4 July 2010 00:34, rbv <rajaramanbv at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thank you,
>> but starting with word, in capital letters, as heading, SNIP, is offending.
>> especially when i refer to the free dictionary , under informal meaning
>> One that is small or slight in size or stature. A person regarded as
>> impertinent or mischievous.
> Oh dear. I am sorry to read that you interpreted this so.
> What "snip" means in this context is very innocent: it just means that
> the person replying cut out (or "snipped away") some of the text in
> the message to which they were replying, to make it clearer which bits
> they were responding to & to avoid the message getting very long.

[SNIP] the Karl slam. Not only was Karl correct in 'snipping', but
actually the comments in his post were pretty much spot on.

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