Leaving Ubuntu back to Windows

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Sat Jul 3 22:21:43 UTC 2010

rbv wrote:
> May be Ubuntu is not for people like me, with very limited or no 
> knowledge of software technology.
> Brasaro has spoiled my DVD RW, all types, Blanking them has left them 
> unusable again anywhere.
> Would not read USBs,  USB mouse hangs every now and then, i have to 
> unplug and plug again and again in different USB ports, suddenly in one 
> of them it will work for some time.
> Browser crashed often, after the latest update.
> Machine makes a lot of grinder noise, when i insert an ordinary movie CD 
> or DVD to play,
> It is its wim and wish, to read or not to read any CD or DVD.
> I have been not been able to install my nVidia graphic card, when i 
> activate it the system would not start. It simply hangs, with a curser 
> at the right corner of the screen blinking happily forever. I have to 
> cut the electric supply and retry again to the same effect, forceing to 
> start with live DVD and reinstall all over, formatting my hard disk. It 
> is pathetic i cannot use my graphic card.
> Lot of Java problems.  NSEindia.com.
> I am afraid , the forum is not for people like me, but only for experts 
> in software.
> By paying some money i get a Fit it and Forget it OS in Windows, am i 
> wrong.
> I may be asked for details, only to be rediculed, about my lack of 
> knowledge.
> Most of the applications MAY be updated and not supported or certified 
> by Ubuntu. For Windows, there are any number of Free software for any task.
> My children can not play any of the game demos even.
> I may be called childish, but for a simpleton like me, do i have a choice.
> regards

At least you made the effort to try something new.  Bravo on you for 
that sir.  While I understand if you decide to stay withing your area of 
comfort for a long time, I would like to suggest, based on the 
description of the problems you posted here, that the difficulty you had 
here is with a faulty pc, and nothing to do with the OS.

Either way, thank you for the follow-up and feedback, and good luck to 
you in your future computer efforts.

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