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Thanks again J.

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> On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 14:14, Ronald B Cadby <RCadby at roncadby.org> wrote:
>> > Thanks J.
>> >
>> > I appreciate the input and you've sort of reaffirmed that I need better
>> > hardware.
> That always helps... :-)
> ..........
>> > Is there a reference you could pass on re adjusting the /var space
>> > upward (or any other tips to improve swap space or whatever might
>> > improve my performance)?
> Don't know what you mean by "adjusting the /var space"  That has
> little to nothing to do with performance, ............

/var space was referred to in the unbuntu min requirement link you 


"Notably, the /var partition contains a lot of state information 
specific to Ubuntu in addition to its regular contents, like logfiles."

Is that only manageable at install time?

> Otherwise, install just a larger disk and re-install to that... ....

Oh, no! Not another install! Pleas, not that!............:)

> As for swap space, are you using swap?  If you look at the output of
> the command 'free' ..........

              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:        895484     834964      60520          0      26364     220748
-/+ buffers/cache:     587852     307632
Swap:      2620408       4268    2616140

Looks good at this point....need to check it when I'm 'loaded' with my 
usual operating programs. I mostly do a lot of PHP program editing using 
BlueFish and always have FF open with its FireFTP and FireBug open, as 
well, along with Thunderbird, Terminal, PuTTY, Gedit, and NoteTab Pro in 
Wine and other 'stuff' like image editing, OpenOffice spreadsheet data 
manipulation, file downloads, video viewing..........:) Any wonder I 
have crashes?

Most disturbing, though, are the boot and mouse failures when there's 
nothing loaded, yet.

>  If you're actually using
> Swap, you've either got some serious computing going on, like
> rendering large images or video, or you're running more stuff than you
> have RAM for..........

No doubt.

> ....... If you DO use swap, ........

Does the 'free' output above indicate that I am?

> Also, if you're using swap space consistently, then you probably DO
> have a performance issue.

It will be interesting to do the 'free'  command while I'm all 'loaded' up.

> .........I'm more inclined to fix
> the hardware deficiency first.........

That's my guess, too.

> What kind of system are you running on, anyway?  .........

My main workhorse, because of the convenience of mobility is my Dell 
laptop, a Vostro 1000, w/AMD64 (I avoid the 64 bit operation as seems to 
be mostly recommended) , with single boot to 10.4.

1.9 GHz Athlon 64 bit X2 AMD processor, a 15.4 inch Widescreen WXGA 
(1280x800), 874.5MB 667 MHz DDR2 RAM, and a 120GB hard drive .


You can lead a horse to water.....(The Hoarse Whisperer)

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