What is hammering my memory?

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Fri Jul 2 17:07:24 UTC 2010

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 2 July 2010 19:41, Chan Chung Hang Christopher
> <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk> wrote:
>> Is it GTK apps? KDE apps calling GTK apps/dialogs? Switching desktop
>> spaces or windows?
> The only GTK app I've opened is Firefox, but the system is sluggish
> from the minute I get a desktop. I can open a text editor (kate) and a
> Konsole window, and Alt-Tabbing between them is sluggish. Typing in
> either is sluggish as well.

I'd start with dbus. All my problems that I have had that are like that 
were dbus related. Things were fine on Jaunty until a recent update. I 
run Kubuntu btw so we should be talking about the same experiences.

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