10.4 minimums

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Fri Jul 2 16:41:16 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 11:59, Ronald B Cadby <RCadby at roncadby.org> wrote:
> I monitor and benefit greatly from this group, but it seems that I see a
> lot of 'well it never happens to me'. Well, s... does happen.

You also have to remember that this list does not represent a majority
of the Ubuntu community in any way.  It only represents the percentage
of the community that joined this group and contribute to it...

A lot of these weird problems are seen by a small (very small)
percentage of users, hence a lot of the "I have never seen that"
comments.  This group is a small microcosm of the community at large,
so take that into consideration.

> I have had just about every 'fault' mentioned here by others with
> 10.4...mouse, booting, freezing...you name it. Today, I rebooted 3 times
> in the first 15 minutes of operation.

See, about the only problems I've had are occasional freezes, and that
USUALLY occurs when I've got a ton of FF tabs open (and usually
several of those have badly crafted Java widgets that just suck the
system dry).  My own experience with Ubuntu has been relatively error
free for a long time, with the exception for when I run betas...

> Then, I realized that the update manager was downloading and installing
> almost 100MB of updates, so I'm now waiting for that to finish before
> doing anything else.

Strangely, Update Manager will drag a system to a crawl.  There are
many times when I can't do anything for several minutes while U-M is
installing some update package or another... I just experienced that
about 15 minutes ago, actually.  There were recurring instances of
about 30 - 60 seconds at a time where I could do nothing on my system
while the updates were being installed.

> So, how about a recommendation for a minimum system hardware requirement
> for 10.4 that will make everyone's life, especially mine, easier to use it?

You mean something like this (from the 10.04 User Guide)?:


FWIW, here are the systems I run right now:

Asuka: Lenovo S10 Netbook, 1.6GHz Atom, 1.5GB RAM
Klaatu: Alienware M15x Quad Core i7, 4GB RAM, nvidia GT260 Video
Deathstar: Scratch Built 10 year old AMD Athlon XP1600+, 512MB very
slow ram, Matrox G400 video.

And other than very minor issues, (the occasional freeze) I have had
mostly no problems at all with 10.04.

One of the reasons (a big reason) that people have all these different
issues that no one else can replicate (or at least very few people
comparitively) is that there is a near infinite number of hardware
combinations in the world, especially when you throw in the varying
age of each component; the difference between an nVidia XX card bought
last week and the same model bought 2 years ago can be quite

But there's the minimal requirements for Desktop 10.04LTS 32 bit,
similar info should be located in the user manual for 64bit as well,
for each release.


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