64 incease security?

ilyan.thomas at virgin.net ilyan.thomas at virgin.net
Sun Jan 31 22:06:30 UTC 2010

Being an old fool I wrote:

You might guess that I am looking for a portable.  My Unbuntu system  
running Opera, not 10, tends to crash reading or writing emails, as it  
does playing Free cell solitaire, though Mahjong solitaire does not.

Paranoia and suspicion make me think that Bigoted Marxists and the CIA are  
trying to crack into my computer.   I do not think that anything would  
stop the CIA, but might having a 64 bit system make it harder for people,  
stupid enough not to stand Marx on his head so he makes sense, to crack  
into my system?

And how do I buy a useful portable in the UK without paying Danegeld to  



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