32 or 64??

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Sun Jan 31 18:43:22 UTC 2010

On 30-01-10 19:56, anubis wrote:

> Please stop with this FUD.
> If you have a 64bit machine with more than 3+ GB of ram install and use
> the 64bit OS. Don't listen to any of this fear, uncertainty and
> disinformation in this thread. One would think this issue has been long
> dead and solved, but here we are again.

The only reason to use a 32bit OS with 3+ GB RAM is when you have an 
older 64bit AMD Athlon CPU that sometimes locks up in 64bit. Like I had. 
But that's just a hardware problem, I should have replaced it 3 years 
earlier, would have saved me a lot of frustration.

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