32 or 64??

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 18:02:09 UTC 2010

su, 2010-01-31 kello 18:34 +0200, Dotan Cohen kirjoitti:
> > Can we please avoid personal attacks here?  While it's true that Karl's
> > "advice" tends to range from just plain incorrect to the most
> > extravagant flights of fancy, that kind of name-calling doesn't help the
> > situation (and only makes you look foolish as well).
> >
> Especially since Karl is right here.

Doesn't seem to be according to people's knowledge and experience.

> Have you tried using Wine on 64 bit? Some apps work, some don't.

Have you tried using Wine on 32 bit? Some apps work, some don't.

I used to have only trouble when I used Wine on 32-bit - I got nothing
to work properly. Now on 64-bit I'm beginning to have success. I use
Wine only a little though, so this may be just a coinsidence.

> Flash? I don't know about *buntu 9.10 (I personally use 32 bit) but in
> 9.04 installing Flash on 64 bit was a headache. 

On the last couple versions of 64-bit Ubuntu I have installed Flash just
the way I used to install it when I still used 32-bit.

> Why take that
> risk when 32 bit works fine?

Why don't we just tell those who want to know the benefits and possible
(real and present day) problems with using 64-bit Ubuntu. To keep
repeating "risks, risks, risks" because of past experiences benefits no
one. Real knowledge and real experiences do. The problems with Flash
that one has on a 64-bit version of Ubuntu aren't necessarily (probably)
64-bit specific, because Flash itself - regardless of bits - continues
to be a fountain of problems for many. 

> I have a feeling that this thread has turned into another Karl bashing
> thread, and that's it. 

With all respect to your feelings, there seems to be more frustration
than bashing here. For some reason Karl keeps giving people bad advice,
and others have to go after him trying to prevent possible damage to
those seeking help - and to the reputation of the community. This is
frustrating, as everybody has only a limited time available to help.

> Grow up.
> Give advice that helps the user, not advice that pushes your agendas.
> The people asking for advice on the *buntu lists do not need to be
> your 64-bit test bunnies, and Karl doesn't need to be your stepping
> stone to a big ego. 

Is this what you mean by "mature discussion" on the next paragraph of
your comment? 


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