A question (regarding myself)

Res res at ausics.net
Sun Jan 31 06:37:26 UTC 2010

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010, Johnneylee Rollins wrote:

> This is a community and as such we are asked, when there is a
> disagreement, to seek the help of others.
> I would like to seek the help, not to say if Karl is a failure in
> terms of helping on this mailing list, but to ask the community if my
> opinion and help are even wanted. If it's not, I'll be glad to

His opinions (i refuse to call it advice) are extremely dangerous and most 
often outright wrong, someone needs to keep reminding the newbies this so
they don't make the same mistakes he clearly does.

The list archives show who's helpful and who never to listen to, I wont 
say remind karl hes wrong, because, well, you'd get more attention and 
acknowledgment from wet grass than him, if karl, or anyone for that 
matter, gives advice you feel is wrong, you have every right to step in 
with the right or more appropriate advice, as a community we all have 
that right, sometimes someones advice may be good, but yours may be 
better, and two (or more) people will benefit from your suggestion.

> for myself if my place on the mailing list is of any value. I'd like
> to hear from anyone who'd like to offer a point of view.

As one who is detested by most because i don't tolerate the self appointed 
net cops dictating and bullying others as to how they must act in here, I 
cant say I've seen you say anything that'd be unfair.

> I'll not respond or defend my position, but will take count of each

never defend your position, there will always be list nazis who will wish 
you were gone, killfile you, or do whatever else those insecure self
centered people do, if its not you they are disliking, it'll be someone 
else, so ignore them, they are just not worth it and in the end, they 
will be the losers, not you.


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