32 or 64??

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Sun Jan 31 04:47:04 UTC 2010

Knapp wrote:

> I have read a few studies that say 64 bit is far faster than 32 bit
> and I have seen a lot of post here saying that that is not true. I
> have no idea what is the truth about this but in the end does any one
> have a modern 64 bit PC that is to slow with any Linux system? If you
> do, maybe you need to boot Tiny Linux. LOL

Depends what you consider faster.  Most people won't notice any 
difference on the desktop, since your bottleneck is almost entirely 
going to be hard drive (in particular, head seek time).  If, however, 
you are are performing a cpu intensive task (something that keeps your 
processor going at 100% plus) then there is a significant speed boost. 
I can clearly see over 15% speed increase in bzip / 7z compression as 
well as video encoding.

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