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Johnneylee Rollins johnneylee.rollins at
Sun Jan 31 02:54:02 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 4:43 PM, Karl F. Larsen <klarsen1 at> wrote:
> Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
>>>        I thought the powers to be cut you off! Too bad! Sorry to see
>>> your lies back on here.
>> Karl, you're calling me a liar, but have neglected again to prove it.
>> Where have I lied?
>        You lie every time you send a message to this list. Please go
> back to your hole and shut up!
Karl, really just stop it buddy. If you would just provide helpful
information that is proved to work and can be backed up, I'd take you
seriously. I don't mind doing damage control for you, but you could be
much less involved. You get too emotionally caught up.


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