32 or 64??

Demis Cunha demisc at terra.com.br
Sat Jan 30 16:50:38 UTC 2010

Hello Raquel.

As you have 4GB of RAM I suggest to  you use 32Bits version. The 32 Bit
version can address up to 4GB that is enough to you. 

But if your processor is a 64 Bits processor go directly to 64 bits
version. You are gonna have a better performance.

The 64bit version now a days is a very good distribution and don't show
many issues as in the past. If you wish to install the 32 bits no
problem at all. Go ahead and you'll see that is a good choise as well.

Em Sex, 2010-01-29 às 22:05 -0800, Raquel escreveu:
> I just bought a new HP notebook with 4GB of memory and wondering if I
> should install the 32 or 64 bit version of Ubuntu?  I do work, on
> occasion, in Windows using VirtualBox.
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> Raquel
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