How to login in Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD ?

Johnneylee Rollins johnneylee.rollins at
Sat Jan 30 14:47:43 UTC 2010

>        I just checked my only cd-rom with 9.10 which is a Beta
> version of 9.10. I ran the disc test and it takes a lot of
> time but it said again no errors.
>        Some thing is still wrong with your method to load the .iso
> file on your new cd-rom. Or, you have bad new cd-rom blanks.
Could not his .iso just be corrupted?
He already said the md5sum didn't match the official one.
It had nothing to do with bad blank cd's, although that can happen.
Read more, talk less.

OT: Also make sure to burn it at a slow speed that way the cd has less errors.


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