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Fri Jan 29 19:49:40 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 11:32 AM, Brunner, Brian T.
<BBrunner at> wrote:
>> Karl your third grade education is showing again.
>        Sorry your wrong again. I hold a PHd in Electrical Engineering.
> I doubt you even attended highschool.
The funniest part of this is, you have many many people always whining
about you, you're blacklisted on so many user's lists and are
constantly being corrected or called on. Two people have been upset
with me, one was a dick after I apologised, and the other was right.
It seems to me you have no room to talk, and by the grace of whoever
established these rules, you are still here.

Have fun with your misspelled PHd and lack of linux knowledge. I'd
trust a McDonald's fry chef with my machine over you.
>> you're an asshat for life.
>        You have more messages to this list, that contain zero or
>        less information than anyone on this list! You simply MUST
>        comment. And please explain what an asshat is. It's not in the
>        Webster's dictionary.
My friend Brian already explained this. but it also means you don't
know what is going on, because you have your head shoved up your ass.
Much like an ostrich would have it's head in the ground.

P.S., I don't remember anyone ever thanking you on the list. Go get
thanked for solving a problem, then come back.

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