Desktop Launcher mystery

Dave Stevenson davstev at
Fri Jan 29 14:43:51 UTC 2010

Ulf Rompe wrote:

> Am 29.01.2010 02:55, schrieb Dave Stevenson:
>> Here are the contents of three .desktop files.  Two of them work OK, the
>> other opens the page in gedit.
> Did you check the filename and the permissions of the file in question?
> If in doubt, copy it's contents to a newly created file called
> foo.desktop and see if that one works.
All 3 files have same owner, group and permissions (100644).  Newly
created foo.desktop also fails.  I changed the URL in the non-working
file to the same as one of the working ones, worked OK. Changed it
back to the original URL, it failed. Copy & pasted non-working URL
into Firefox, it opened OK.



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