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> > I am trying out gmail and am looking to archive old mails.
> > I have added a label to a bunch of mails which may be archived. The only
> > problem is that is can find nowhere the archive button. In gmail's help,
> the
> > button is displayed on the top right part of the message pane, but that
> > button is only available in the inbox I think.?The messages I want to
> > archive are not in the inbox.
> > So how can I archive these messages?
> Select the messages that you want to archive and use the "More
> actions" drop-down to choose "Archive".
> Hi All

That button is not available when the messages are not in the inbox. So
either I have to be able to easily move them to the inbox, or the Archive
button should be made available when messages are not in the inbox.

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