1080p Playback

Jim Smith jim at oz.net
Thu Jan 28 22:58:09 UTC 2010

James Bensley wrote:
> Hey List,
> Can anyone recommend a graphics card that can definitely play full
> 1080p video under Ubuntu. Currently I have a Palit GT 240 which can
> play 1080i at 20Mbps OK but above that and up it struggles. However
> 1080p at 10Mbps isn't watchable.
> Recommendations are welcome.
What do you intend to play it on? It should have DVI/DHCP for a monitor
and HDMI for an HDTV. Newer laptops (and a few older ones like this one)
will handle the speed with their onboard graphics but will also require
HDMI output for an HDTV.

YMMV, especially with this issue.


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