Grub disk: something automatic?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Jan 28 16:22:29 UTC 2010

Tom H wrote:
>> 1. If possible, arrange your hard drives so your primary linux partition
>> is on your boot hard drives.  When bootstrapping grub, disconnect the
>> other hard drives.  It's impossible for even grub to mix up the hard
>> drive numbering when there is only hd0.  It will not matter how badly
>> is inaccurate on future update-grub runs, since grub will now
>> auto-fix itself based on UUID's.. (I'm really loving this new feature.)
> Disconnecting the other HDs is pretty radical but why not! :)
>> 2. Install grub on the super-block of your filesystem  as well as the
>> mbr.  (this won't work with XFS filesystem, since XFS does not leave
>> space on the superblock)
>> ex: grub-install /dev/sda1
> I have lost track whether this is a grub1 or grub2 situation but, if
> it is grub2, you cannot run "grub-install /dev/sda1". You can force an
> install to /dev/sda1 but I was told off by Goh Lip the last time that
> I suggested it (and rightly so!).

Allright, I keed,, if installing grub2 to the superblock of a partition 
is a bad idea, can someone provide more info on why?  I think the MBR is 
far too often treated as public property that any OS and it's brother 
feel free to screw up to be a reliable place for a Multi-OS GRUB install.

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