memory usage

Kaushal Shriyan kaushalshriyan at
Thu Jan 28 14:41:55 UTC 2010


I have the below entries in a file. The first column is time in secs
since epoch and the second column is memory usage in Gigs

1261901500: 7.0241442488e+09
1261927850: 6.1331177687e+09
1261954200: 6.6253775790e+09
1261980550: 6.7891714050e+09
1262006900: 6.4857346071e+09
1262033250: 6.3970871424e+09
1262059600: 6.0884974525e+09
1262085950: 6.7245833719e+09
1262112300: 6.6445741304e+09
1262138650: 6.2659324617e+09

is there a easy way to convert 1261901500 in a human readable format.

Please suggest me with an example.

Thanks and Regards


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